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Your course man­age­ment in the cloud

Take your courses to the cloud with our course management with our course management. Manage it efficiently and save time with our software.

The cloud-based course management from beyond software, Felix Stadelmann, Switzerland covers all the important points so that work can be done efficiently and in a time-saving manner - and this from anywhere in the world via the Internet and with all common end devices such as PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, smartphone and tablet.

beyond software reduces your effort in connection with the Covid measures: Store the validity period of the Covid certificate per address. On the corresponding control list you can then see at a glance for each course whether the participant's certificate is still valid on the course evening.

Clear­ly dis­played and well organized

Optimized for desktops and mobile devices
Diverse filter functions and sorting options
Uniform tabular presentation

Open inter­faces

Automatic data transfer via WordPress or Wix plugin or via REST interface
Trouble-free data import and export from other software solutions
Data import and export to accounting software

Auto­mat­ic pay­ment transactions

Prepare QR invoices and reminders at the touch of a button and send them by e-mail
Read in payment files and process them automatically (SEPA, QR, ESR, DTA)

Always stay in touch

Newsletter dispatch
Intelligent mail and SMS interaction

Secure and Transparent

System log with recording of all user actions
Data management and development in Switzerland
Automatic data backup and data archiving

Addi­tion­al functions

Various evaluations and statistics
Multilingualism (d/f/e)
Individual design of invoice, reminder, voucher, receipt.

You get the full range of functions for your courses at an unbeatable price

from CHF/EUR 50.00 per month (depending on the size of the school)

without additional costs for SMS, mails, newsletter etc.
No fixed contract period, no notice periods


Add, change, delete, copy courses

Wizard for course recording and shifting

Automatic data transfer to website

Build course groups/types hierarchically and assign them to courses

Record teachers, assistants and substitutes

Record attendances

Assign substance program to course groups

Assign videos

Check off course content


Administrate participants (single and pair)

Automatic data transfer from website

Record and verify payments

Comprehensive subscription options

Automated enrollment and course confirmations, course reminders, prompting to continue, waitlist management, automatic course status based on enrollment numbers

You choose which functions you need and you can show or hide them as required.

Are you missing any functionality? Do not hesitate to contact us. We are continuously developing our software and welcome your suggestions.

What our customers say

Our 17 dance instructors access the current course status and hall occupancy from anywhere. For a dance school of our size, it is important that our data is always available in sync. The dance school software from beyond software meets all our needs.
Dance to Dance, Basel
I'm in Argentina from time to time. I really appreciate being able to do all the administrative work from anywhere in the world.
Tango School Zurich
I appreciate the great feature set and look forward to using features not yet used in the future.
time2dance, Zurich
I am very satisfied with the processing time of my requests and their completion! I always get an answer and help very quickly. The employees are always friendly. I also like the software.
Dance school wishing to remain anonymous
We have been recording all courses and registrations of the Tango Week Zurich for several years. We also use the system to send the latest information before and during the festival. We appreciate the reliability and efficiency.
Tango Week Zurich

Some of our customers